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It's very rare to find a guy who has all the tool for superstar success, but Roman Reignsis one of very few. Born into the Anoa'i family, Roman did everything he could to avoid the family calling, but he took the plunge and joined wwe in 2010. In a short space of time, Roman has made an impactalongside Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins in the Shield. Now he's flying solo & quickly becoming one of WWE's most popular stars.
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RAW Results-July 29th,2019
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We are back and Seth Rollins is being stretched out and Roman Reigns sees it and so does Becky Lynch.

Roman Reigns is attacked by Samoa Joe while Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson attack the Usos.  

We see the ambulance leave the arena, but it is stopped by a giant obstacle . . . Brock Lesnar.

Brock pulls Seth out of the ambulance on the stretcher and pushes Seth over.  Brock with an F5 onto the stretcher.

Officials and EMTs check on Seth.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the Samoan Summit.

Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring first.

Joe says he regrets to inform you that the Samoan Summit has been canceled due to the break down of peace talks.  Joe says he did not come here to talk, he came here to fight.  Joe tells Roman to make his way to the ring so he can finish what he did in the back.

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring.  Joe punches Roman but Roman punches back.  Roman with an uppercut and Joe goes to the floor.  Roman with a punch to Joe on the floor and he sends Joe into the apron and ringside barrier.  Roman with punches.  Joe sends Roman into the ring steps but Roman picks up the ring steps and throws them at Joe.

Drew McIntyre attacks Reigns but Reigns sends Drew over the ringside barrier.  Roman punches Drew but Drew with a knee and punches to Roman.  Roman punches Drew and sends him back into the ringside area.  Joe with a boot to Roman and then Drew and Joe send Roman into the ring.

Cedric Alexander with a springboard clothesline to Joe but Drew sends Cedric into the turnbuckles.  Cedric with a Neuralizer and Joe clotheslines Cedric when Cedric goes for a plancha.  Drew sends Cedric up the ramp and Drew chops Cedric.  Drew sends Cedric into the TitanTron while Joe sends Roman into the announce table.  The Uso stop Drew and Joe while Gallows and Anderson come out.

Cedric climbs the Titantron and hits a splash onto everyone.

Cedric and Drew make their way to the ring and Drew sets for a Claymore but Cedric with a drop kick and Alexander goes up top.  Anderson crotches Alexander.  Reigns with Superman punches to Anderson and Gallows and then McIntyre.  Alexander with a plancha onto Drew.  Jimmy and Jey with superkicks to Joe followed by a spear from Reigns.

We go to credits.

Smackdown Live Results-July 23rd,2019
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Match Number Four:  Kevin Owens versus Roman Reigns with Guest Referee Drew McIntyre, guest time keeper Elias, and guest ring announcer Shane McMahon

Owens takes the mic and he says he has no problem going through Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, and Elias tonight to go after Shane.

Roman has an issue with it and he says he is going to beat everyone up.

They lock up and Drew separates them in the corner.  Owens with a side head lock.  Drew pushes Roman and Kevin to tell them to listen to him.  Roman punches Drew and sends him over the top rope to the floor.  Owens punches Elias and then Shane is cornered by Roman and Owens.  Shane is grabbed by Roman and Drew hits Roman.  Owens punches Drew and Elias with a knee to Owens.  Shane kicks Roman while Drew punches Roman.  Elias adds kicks to Roman.  Shane with punch like maneuvers and then Owens pulls Shane out of the ring and sends Shane into the ringside barrier.  Owens with super kicks to Drew and Elias.  Roman spears Drew and Owens gives Elias a stunner.  Roman brings Shane back into the ring and Roman with a superman punch followed by a stunner from Owens.

Roman tells Owens to hit another stunner and Owens with a kick and stunner to Shane.  

Kevin says tonight is nothing because he is going to make Shane enjoyable because he is going to destroy Shane at SummerSlam.

We go to credits.


Extreme Rules Results
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he Undertaker & Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre – No Holds Barred match.

They all received big separate entrances with Undertaker getting the final one. Big staredown for the longest time.

Drew and Roman started out with Drew quickly getting the advantage. He and Shane kicked away at Roman in their corner. Roman came back with a big right hand on Shane and peppered him in the corner, raining down punches. McMahon tried to run to tag out but he was pulled to the corner, where Undertaker tagged in. Huge pop for that. Undertaker worked over his arm and covered Shane for a two count. He controlled Shane, going to walk the ropes for Old School but was pulled down. Shane drilled Taker with a series of shots in the corner but Undertaker absorbed them, tossed Shane in the corner and nailed a big clothesline. He went to the ropes again, this time, walking the ropes for Old School and nailing it.

Shane was able to tag out and Drew went nose to nose with Undertaker, drilling him with a series of rights. Undertaker fired back with strikes of his own and they had a believable, physical exchange. Drew clotheslined Undertaker over the top to the floor but Undertaker landed on his feet. He pulled Drew out and nailed him with a legdrop on the apron. He brought Drew into the ring and covered him for a near fall. Roman tagged in and nailed a series of clotheslines in the corner.

Roman controlled Drew. He nailed Shane of the apron. Drew gained control and worked over Roman, scoring several two counts. McIntyre worked over Roman’s arm, controlling him on the mat, trying to force a submission.

Roman finally stunned Drew with a big backdrop. McIntyre missed a charge in the corner and hit the ringpost with his shoulder. Undertaker made the hot tag and began nailing big boots on Shane and Drew. He kicked Shane out of the ring to the floor and brought him over to the announcing table.

Everyone brawled on the floor. Drew prevented Undertaker from putting Shane through the table. Roman joined the fray. Elias hit ringside and they worked over Taker and Roman. Undertaker was placed on a table. Shane hit the flying elbow putting him through the table.

They worked over Undertaker who made a comeback and started chokeslamming everyone in sight. Drew set up for a Claymore kick but Roman speared him. Roman tossed Shane into Taker, who went for a tombstone and nailed it.

Your winners, The Undertaker and Roman Reigns!

A fun brawl that was exactly what you’d expect going in. Shane McMahon being pinned clean was a nice surprise, given how hard he’s forcefed to the audience lately.

Roman Reigns wins the first-ever Best WWE Moment award at the ES...
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WWE and the ESPYS have made history tonight!

For the first time ever at this year’s ESPYS, Best WWE Moment was awarded on the red carpet. Fans have been able to vote once a day and named Roman Reigns‘ triumphant return to Monday Night Raw the moment of the year!

“For to me just to be able to be healthy was the only award I needed. This is just so flattering for everyone to kind of lift me up and show me that support system and love from everybody,” Reigns said. “It was never about awards or anything like that. It was just about awareness, it was just about sharing my story and hopefully someone could use it for a little bit of hope.”

Reigns was congratulated during the red carpet special by Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, Universal Champion Seth Rollins, Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon and Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative Paul Levesque.

The Big Dog also presented the Best Coach award to Basketball Hall of Famer Jim Calhoun, a fellow cancer survivor. Calhoun coached the University of Connecticut Huskies NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball team to three NCAA National Championships. He returned to coaching after beating cancer and now leads the University of St. Joseph men’s basketball team.

Extreme Rules Preview
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The bell tolls for Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre when The Undertaker rises from the darkness to join forces with unlikely ally Roman Reigns to take on the devious tandem of “The Best in the World” and The Scottish Psychopath in a No Holds Barred Match at WWE Extreme Rules.

Few would expect The Deadman to willingly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with The Big Dog, who took The Undertaker’s “Yard” at WrestleMania 33. And yet, Reigns was as surprised as everyone in the WWE Universe when The Phenom emerged on the June 24 edition of Raw to even the odds as Reigns absorbed a 2-on-1 beatdown at the hands of Shane-O-Mac and the imposing Scotsman. McMahon and McIntyre incurred the wrath of The Undertaker that night, and they could very well “Rest in Peace” at WWE Extreme Rules in Philadelphia.

Have Reigns and The Deadman truly put their legendary rivalry behind them as they team up in tag team action for the first time ever? How will they fare in this battle where anything goes? Tune in to WWE Extreme Rules, Sunday, July 14, streaming live at 7 ET/4 PT on the award-winning WWE Network.

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