A star defensive tackle at Georgia Tech, Roman Reigns wrecked offensive guards for both the Minnesota Vikings and the Jacksonville Jaguars before becoming a WWE Superstar. The hulking powerhouse brought his smash-mouth gridiron style to WWE’s developmental system, NXT, where he left a long line of tough opponents in crumpled heaps. But it was at the 2012 Survivor Series that Reigns made his greatest impact. In the heat of a Triple Threat Match between WWE Champion CM Punk, John Cena and Ryback, Reigns hit the ring alongside fellow WWE NXT competitors Dean Ambrose and Seth ... Read More
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It's very rare to find a guy who has all the tool for superstar success, but Roman Reignsis one of very few. Born into the Anoa'i family, Roman did everything he could to avoid the family calling, but he took the plunge and joined wwe in 2010. In a short space of time, Roman has made an impactalongside Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins in the Shield. Now he's flying solo & quickly becoming one of WWE's most popular stars.
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We go right to the ring and out comes Vince McMahon to a big pop.

Vince says he came to settle a score tonight. He would have done it last week but he had to undergo dental surgery. Vince says he should have done this weeks ago. He calls WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns out to the ring. Vince says don’t make me… the music hits and out comes Reigns through the crowd to mostly cheers.

We get a look back at last week’s steel cage match and Stephanie McMahon assaulting Tom Phillips. Vince mocks Reigns and hopes he’s not expecting a congratulations on being champion because Vince can’t find it in his heart, especially after what he did to his son-in-law Triple H. Vince says Triple H will get revenge one day and when he does, Reigns probably won’t even see it coming. Fans chant “we can’t hear you” at Vince and Reigns tells him to speak up, old man. Vince goes on and gets the “what?” treatment for a minute. Vince brings up Stephanie and tells Reigns nobody crosses a McMahon. Vince talks about what Reigns did to him two weeks ago and says Reigns doesn’t get it. Vince owns this ring and the title, it’s his. Vince says Reigns will soon see that he also owns Reigns. It may take him a while, but he will realize it. Reigns says this is the problem with rich snobs like Vince – they think they own everything. Vince says he’s not a rich snob, he’s a freaking billionaire. Vince says there’s a big difference. Reigns says he’s still a jerk. Reigns says Vince doesn’t own him and doesn’t own the title. He says “we” meaning him and his fans own the title. Vince asks the fans if they really think they own the title and a “yes!” chant starts up.

Vince asks Reigns how long he thinks he will be champion. Vince says Reigns should really wonder that. Reigns asks if Vince is threatening him. Fans chant for Daniel Bryan and Vince yells at them to shut up. The chants continue and Reigns says Vince has riled the fans up now. Reigns wonders what Vince has in store for him. Vince brings up The Wild Samoans and reminds Reigns that he’s just one generation away from a bone through his nose. Vince talks about putting uncle Afa through hell and says he enjoyed it. Vince brings up Reigns’ dad Sika and says he used Sika up, lined his pockets with his money and then paid him peanuts. Vince goes down to the mat and acts like he has a neck injury. “My neck, my neck…” he says. Stephanie McMahon’s music hits and out she comes concerned. She puts on a show and tells police offers to arrest Reigns. He looks on confused. Stephanie enters the ring and Vince is back on his feet. She has two detectives with her. She tells them to arrest Reigns but they say no, they weren’t brought to be Stephanie’s personal police department. They were brought here to do security and that’s it. Stephanie says they just witnessed Reigns put his hands on her 70 year old geriatric father but they still won’t arrest him. Stephanie yells in the detective’s face and he threatens to take her to jail. Fans pop.

Vince gets into it with the police, telling them he knows their boss and they can’t threaten his daughter because he’s Vince McMahon. Reigns grabs one of the cops by his collar and he’s told to back up. Vince apologizes and says he didn’t mean to do that. The cop tells other police officers to arrest Vince and they grab him. Stephanie pleads with them. They put Vince in handcuffs, read him his rights and take him away as Reigns looks on laughing. Stephanie follows and tells Vince she loves him. Reigns raises the title in the ring as Vince is taken away through the back by police. We go to commercial.

In the main event where John Cena defeats Alberto Del Rio by DQ, due to interference by the League of Nations, Rusev and Sheamus beat Cena up as Del Rio recovers. Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick and out comes The Usos. They go at it with Sheamus and Rusev. The League takes them out as Del Rio has recovered now. Sheamus goes out for a steel chair. Roman Reigns run down to a big pop. He spears Rusev on the floor and knocks Del Rio off the apron with a Superman Punch. Reigns stares Sheamus down from the other side of the ring. They both enter the ring, Sheamus with a steel chair. Sheamus swings it but Reigns drops him with a Superman punch. Reigns hits Sheamus in the back with the chair. Reigns gets hype but Vince comes out and says first, he’s going to sue the city of New York and if he could, he would sue each and every fan. Vince announces Sheamus vs. Reigns with the WWE World Heavyweight Title on the line for next Monday’s RAW. Vince then reveals that he will be the special referee. Vince starts saying “Happy New Year” over and over, and that’s how RAW goes off the air.

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Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and The Usos come out to the ring. Reigns welcomes us to Tribute to the Troops and talks about the mission of the show: to put smiles on the faces of those protecting the United States. Tonight is a thank you to those troops. As Reigns continues, The League of Nations enters. The crowd doesn’t much appreciate this. Sheamus questions Reigns’ claim that America is the greatest country in the world. After calling himself an admirer of the US, Sheamus says that it isn’t the greatest nation in the world. King Barrett talks about how Great Britain is better than the United States. He disses America’s food before expressing his desire for spotted dick (which is a real thing; check your local supermarket with an international section). Alberto Del Rio disses American TV being full of zombies, women, and hackers. He puts over international TV and it’s real football and other stuff. He also disses country music because it’s the right thing to do. Sheamus hypes Ireland for having the best things in the world. Reigns reminds us that the Irish have the smallest tater tots (remember: this was recorded before Reigns’ killing spree at TLC). Reigns invites the “League of Idiots” to the ring for a fight. The LoN approach the ring for some intense parliamentary procedure before The Wyatt Family interrupts. After Bray Wyatt blows out his lantern, The Dudley Boyz, Ryback, and Kane join the session, and we’ve got a brawl on our hands.

As expected, a 16 man main event was announced.

Fifth Match: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, The Usos, The Dudley Boyz, Ryback and Kane vs. The League of Nations & The Wyatt Family 

Ambrose with a clothesline to Rowan. Ambrose tags in Jey. Jey with a uppercut to Rowan. Jey tags in Jimmy. Jimmy with a running forearm to Rowan. Rowan with a shoulder tackle to Jimmy. Rowan tags in Harper. Harper with uppercuts to Jimmy. Jimmy tags in Jey. Jey with a flying elbow drop to Harper. Jey tags in Bubba. Bubba with a flying elbow drop to Harper. Bubba with a back body drop to Harper. Harper tags in Strowman. Bubba and Strowman have a stare off and Bubba tags in Kane.

Kane with right hands to Strowman. Kane with a boot to Strowman. Kane tries to bodyslam Strowman, but Strowman powers out with a bodyslam of his own. Strowman tags in Sheamus. Sheamus with boots to the chest of Strowman. The League of Nations exchange rapid fire tags and boots to the chest of Kane in the corner. Kane knocks member of the Wyatt Family & League of Nations off the ring apron. Jey with a boot to Harper. Jey rolls Harper up for a two count. Jey tags in Jimmy. Harper with the Winds of Change to Jimmy for a two count. Harper tags in Wyatt. Wyatt with a running senton to Jimmy. Wyatt tags in Rusev. Rusev blocks Jimmy away from the other side of the ring. Rusev with a waist lock. Jimmy with a back elbows to Rusev.

Rusev drives Jimmy to the corner. Rusev tags in Sheamus. Sheamus with a front face slam to Jimmy. Jimmy with a high kick to the head of Sheamus. The League of Nations & The Wyatts knock The Dudleys, Ryback & The Family off the ring apron. Sheamus tags in Harper. Harper with a side headlock. Jimmy tags in Ambrose. Ambrose with right hands to Harper. Ambrose with a running bulldog to Harper. Ambrose goes up top and dives over Harper. Ambrose with a bodyslam. Ambrose with a elbow drop to Harper for a two count. All hell breaks loose as a donnie brook ensues. The Dudley’s with the What’s Up spot to Rowan. D-Von goes to grab a table, but The League of Nations lay out the Dudleys. Ambrose with a suicide dive to Del Rio. Reigns knocks Sheamus down. The Usos with a suicide dive to Rowan and Rusev on the outside. Harper with a superkick to Ambrose. Ambrose rebounds with a Rebound Clothesline. Wyatt comes back in and connects with the Sister Abigail to Ambrose. Kane chokeslams Wyatt. Strowman comes in and gets Kane in the Strowman sleeper hold. Reigns with a Super Man Punch to Strowman. Ryback clothesline Strowman over the top rope. Ambrose with the Dirty Deeds to pickup the victory.

Winner: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, The Usos, Ryback, Kane and The Dudley Boyz 

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Alberto Del Rio & Rusev w/The League of Nations vs. The Usos 

Jimmy and Rusev start things off and they lock up. Rusev pushes Jimmy and Jimmy pushes back. Rusev with punches and kicks in the corner. Jimmy slides into the corner and he connects with a punch and chop. Jimmy with an uppercut and chop. Jey tags in and he hits a running forearm into the corner. Jey with a snap mare for a near fall. Rusev with a punch and Del Rio tags in and he kicks Jey in the back. Del Rio with a snap mare and drop kick for a near fall. Rusev tags back in and he kicks Jey. Rusev punches Jey and then tags in Del Rio. Del Rio with a double sledge off the turnbuckles and he knocks Jimmy off the apron. Del Rio kicks Jey and Rusev tags back in. Rusev chokes Jey. Jey with a kick and Jimmy tags in and they hit a double flap jack for a near fall. Jimmy with chops. Rusev catches Jimmy on a cross body attempt and Jimmy escapes and he drop kicks Rusev to the floor.Del Rio tries to interfere but he goes through the ropes to the floor. Jey with a plancha onto Del Rio and then Jimmy with a plancha onto Rusev. Jimmy goes up top and Del Rio stops him. Rusev sends Jimmy and Jey to the floor.

Rusev with a nerve hold on Jimmy. Jimmy has a kick blocked and then Jimmy with a dragon whip. Jey tags in and so does Del Rio. Jey with jumping clotheslines followed by a back heel kick and uppercut. Jey with a Samoan Drop and it is time for the running butt splash and he connects but he can only get a near fall. Jimmy takes care of Rusev but Rusev sends Jimmy into the ring steps. Del Rio drops Jey on the top rope and Del Rio goes up top. Jey goes up too and Del Rio blocks a superplex and Del Rio with a head butt and Jey is in the turnbuckles. Jey grabs Del Rio by the hair and Barrett distracts the referee. Rusev kicks Jey and Del Rio with a double stomp for the three count. After the match, Jimmy is brought into the ring and they hold Jimmy with the US Title belt over Jimmy’s head to step up a Brouge Kick from Sheamus. Reigns pulls Sheamus out of the ring and sends him over the announce table. Reigns sends Alberto into the announce table and hits a Superman punch on Del Rio and then he hits one on Rusev after Jey hits Rusev with a super kick and the League of Nations head to the back.

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Stephanie is all smiles as she welcomes us to RAW and the Slammy Awards. Stephanie says she knows everyone is wondering how she could be so joyous after her husband Triple H and her 70 year old father Vince McMahon were attacked by Roman Reigns last week. She says unlike the fans, the McMahons do not wallow in self pity, they rise to the occasion. She says tonight is a night of celebration, a night of… the music hits and out comes WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns through the crowd to a big pop.

Reigns is also in a good mood. He says we’re celebrating the Slammys and a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He says this feels like a setup, like the League of Nations could come attack him any minute. Or maybe she’s trying to make him sweat like her daddy did last week. Reigns says he doesn’t sweat her, her daddy or her husband. Reigns says he hasn’t seen her husband since he laid him out at TLC. Reigns tells Stephanie to relay a message to Triple H – he’s here and not hard to find. Stephanie tells Reigns to get out of the ring. Stephanie starts screaming at Reigns to get out but he’s not going. Stephanie gets in his face and he asks the fans if they want to see Stephanie get really mad. Reigns says watch this… he turns his back on her. It works and Stephanie yells at him to get back in the ring as he leaves with his back turned to her. Reigns leaves through the crowd and she tells him to run like the coward he is. She announces The Usos vs. The New Day in a handicap match so Reigns can see what it’s like to have your family beat down. She also announces Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose in a steel cage match. Stephanie says there will be hell to pay tonight on RAW because of Reigns. She leaves the ring as fans boo.

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This week, the show emanates from Newark, NJ, and we’re kicking things off with the new WWE World Champion, Roman Reigns. He says winning the title on Monday felt so good, but doing it on his daughter’s birthday was a godsend. He’s been working for this for so long. He wanted to take it home to his family and show them what they sacrificed for. He’ll have to savor this, however, as he doesn’t think he has too many days left in WWE. He speared Triple H, then Superman Punched Vince McMahon. It sounds cool until you’re the guy who does it. There will be repercussions on Monday, but this is Smackdown, so he’s going to live in the moment, because when it comes down to it, we did it.

Sheamus comes out and congratulates Reigns on becoming the new champion. Some may think he’s bitter, but the thing is, he’s happy for Reigns. He knows how long Reigns has waited and wants to savor it. It’s been over five minutes, fifteen seconds already. He wants Reigns to enjoy it, because it won’t be too much longer before Sheamus gets the belt back. Reigns says he’s ready whenever, fella. Sheamus says if it was that simple, he’d have no problem coming down. Reigns, however, has upset a lot of powerful people. What made him think he could assault Trips and Vince and not face any repercussions? Sheamus stood up for Reigns, but the Authority has launched a formal investigation, and until things are resolved, Reigns is on the sidelines. He can’t fight or make any challenges, nor can he even be in this building. On behalf of the Authority, Sheamus has to ask Reigns to leave right now. Reigns tells him if he wants him to leave, Sheamus can make him. Sheamus loves that pride. It’s self-destructive, but it suits Reigns so well. Unfortunately, Stephanie McMahon talked to Sheamus earlier, and they decided if Reigns didn’t leave on his own, they’d have to take measures to make him leave. Some security guards flank Sheamus as he gives Reigns one more opportunity to leave on his own. Reigns shakes his head “no”, so Sheamus sicks the guards on him. Reigns beats up all of them before nailing one with a Superman Punch. The last one comes in and tries to calmly talk him out of the ring, and he’s a bit bigger than the others. Reigns starts to leave, but then drops him with a Superman Punch as well before celebrating with the belt.

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