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It's very rare to find a guy who has all the tool for superstar success, but Roman Reignsis one of very few. Born into the Anoa'i family, Roman did everything he could to avoid the family calling, but he took the plunge and joined wwe in 2010. In a short space of time, Roman has made an impactalongside Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins in the Shield. Now he's flying solo & quickly becoming one of WWE's most popular stars.
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Raw Results – August 24th, 2015
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Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. The Wyatt Family

We go to the ring and Roman Reigns makes his way through the crowd for this SummerSlam rematch. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Dean Ambrose to a pop. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper are out next. Ambrose and Harper go at it to start. Ambrose unloads and hits a missile dropkick. He knocks Wyatt off the apron and goes out after him. Harper runs the ropes and dives out onto Ambrose. Ambrose clotheslines Harper on the floor. Reigns runs over and hits the Drive By on Wyatt. We go to commercial with Reigns and Ambrose standing tall in the ring.

Back from the break and Wyatt and Harper take turns on Ambrose. Ambrose finally turns it around with a tornado DDT. Reigns gets the hot tag to a very mixed reaction. Wyatt take a Samoan Drop and kicks. Reigns with two more throws. Reigns with a clothesline in the corner. He goes for a big right hand and Wyatt decks him. Reigns fights back and slams Wyatt to more boos. Reigns gets ready for a Superman punch and the boos get louder. Wyatt blocks it. Reigns decks Harper off the apron. Wyatt slams Reigns for a 2 count as Ambrose comes in. Harper comes in and they clothesline each other.

Ambrose ends up diving out onto Wyatt and rolling him back in. Reigns with a Jackhammer on Wyatt, dropping him hard on his head. Harper comes back in with superkicks for both men. JBL calls it a “superkick party.” The end comes when Reigns blocks Sister Abigail and hits a Superman punch. Ambrose dives out onto Harper. The match ends when the lights go out and a man appears on the apron in a mask. He removes the mask and it’s NXT Superstar and former toughman Braun Stowman. He lays out Reigns and then fights off both Reigns and Ambrose. He then manhandles Reigns and chokes him out. Braun slams Reigns again before Ambrose nails him with a kick. It does nothing and Ambrose also gets choked out. The segment ends with The Wyatt Family posing over Ambrose.

Back from the break and the announcers talk about what just happened.

Summerslam Results – August 23rd, 2015
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Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper

The lights go out and the Barclays Center lights up with phones as Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper make their way out. Dean Ambrose is out next to a pop. Roman Reigns is out next to some boos as he makes his way through the crowd.

Both teams meet in the middle of the ring and have words before the bell. Harper and Ambrose start it off brawling with each other. Ambrose drops him first and hits right hands. Ambrose with a forearm in the corner and a bulldog. Wyatt comes in but Reigns drops him with a right, sending him to the floor. They also dump Harper to the floor. Ambrose leaps out onto Harper. Reigns goes to the other side for Wyatt but gets slammed into the steps. Ambrose slams Wyatt into the announce table but turns around to a kick from Harper. Reigns runs over and leaps off the steps, taking down Harper. Reigns tosses Wyatt into the timekeeper’s area. Ambrose runs across all three announce tables and leaps onto Wyatt. Harper and Ambrose end up back in the ring now. Ambrose hits a dropkick and tags in Reigns for a big right hand. Ambrose tags right back in for a top rope elbow and a 2 count.

Wyatt distracts Ambrose, allowing Harper to take control. Wyatt goes to the floor and brags to the crowd but Reigns decks him. Wyatt drops Reigns on the apron. Harper runs the ropes and dives out onto Reigns. Harper superkicks Reigns over the announce table. Ambrose leaps out onto Harper and Wyatt but gets floored. The Wyatts stand tall and Bray tags back in to work over Ambrose in the ring. Wyatt ends up on the floor with Ambrose and sends him down head first. Wyatt sends him into the apron and then back in the ring. Wyatt tags Harper back in and sends Ambrose into a big boot. Harper with a 2 count. Harper with a Crossface now. Reigns is still down so Ambrose has nobody to tag. Wyatt keeps control of Ambrose and covers for a close 2 count. Another tag to Harper as they keep Ambrose down.

Wyatt works Ambrose over in the corner as fans chant “Roman’s sleeping” now. Ambrose comes back and nails a clothesline as Reigns finally comes back to the apron. Reigns tags in to boos. He nails a clothesline on Harper and another. Fans boo more. Reigns runs into an elbow but rocks Harper with a right. Harper with a boot. Reigns fights back. Fans cheer when Harper boots Reigns. Reigns with a pair of suplexes. Reigns knocks Wyatt off the apron and Harper kicks him. Harper with the sitdown powerbomb for a close 2 count. Wyatt wants to put Reigns away and Harper agrees. Wyatt tags in and they try for a spiked piledriver but Reigns backdrops Harper. Wyatt takes a Superman punch, falling from the turnbuckles. Harper eats one also. Ambrose tags in. Reigns puts Wyatt on his shoulder and Ambrose connects with the Doomsday Device. Wyatt kicks out at 2 as Harper breaks it up. Reigns stops Harper from powerbombing Ambrose. Reigns powerbombs Harper with an assist from Ambrose. Harper rolls to the floor. Ambrose blocks Sister Abigail and hits Dirty Deeds on Wyatt. Reigns tags in as fans boo. He waits for Wyatt to get up and hits the spear for the win.

SmackDown Results – August 20th, 2015
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Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Cesaro, & Orton vs. Bray, Harper, Owens, & Sheamus

Sheamus and Orton start off with Sheamus being distracted by the fans “You Look Stupid!” chant that makes him almost back into an early RKO.  He avoids it, however, and escapes to the outside…clutching his Money in the Bank briefcase.  He tags out to Kevin Owens and Cesaro hurries to get tagged in, landing a Stalling Suplex while Owens tried to punch his way out of it unsuccessfully.  Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose are tagged in and we get little previews of SummerSlam back-to-back-to-back.  Basement clothesline by Dean on Harper for a two-count.  Roman is tagged in, hits the same move more or less.  Bray is soon tagged and tosses Roman from corner to corner, but gets hit with a Roman clothesline.  Harper and Cesaro become legal and begin trading European Uppercuts before Cesaro is able to hit a Sunset Flip from the apron for a two-count.  Owens then interrupts his Cesaro Swing attempt on Harper.

Bray is tagged in and hits a nasty Avalanche on Cesaro in the corner and tags out to Sheamus.  Release Vertical Suplex by Sheamus on Cesaro, and Owens is tagged in.  Corner Cannonball by Owens on Cesaro, really slowing down The Swiss Superman with a close two-count.  Returning from commercial, we see Sheamus land a Finlay Roll on Cesaro and Bray hit a nasty Senton on him, as does Owens.  Cesaro tries to fight back out of the corner, but gets an Irish Curse Backbreaker for his troubles.  So far, this really seems like a GYSI type match as Cesaro finally hits a dropkick and gets the hot tag to Roman Reigns.  Several clotheslines in the corner for Sheamus followed by his “Drive-By” Dropkick on the apron.  Owens gets tagged in and owned with a Samoan Drop.  Sheamus tries to mimic the women with a tainted win, but only gets a two-count.  Sheamus calls for the Brogue Kick, turns for a cheap shot to Orton, and turns back around to get wasted by a Superman Punch from Roman!

Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose are tagged in and the bout speeds up quite a bit as Dean unloads his move set on Luke Harper and dumps him outside after his nod to Nigel McGuiness and his Jawbreaker Clothesline.  Owens breaks up a close two-count on Harper by Dean with a Senton.  Several finishers hit out of nowhere until the ultimate out-of-nowhere move, the RKO is hit.  More finishers ensue until Dean is able to wrangle Luke Harper up for Dirty Deeds and the win!

Winners – Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, & Cesaro

Raw Results – August 17th, 2015
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Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper

We go to the ring and out comes Dean Ambrose for commentary. Roman Reigns is out next through the crowd. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. Ambrose takes a chair from Saxton and pushes it over to Wyatt and he takes a seat away from the announce table. Harper and Reigns lock up and break before going to the corner. They trade right hands and Reigns rocks Harper. Harper turns it around but Reigns rocks him again. Reigns with more uppercuts. Harper takes Reigns down and applies a headlock. Reigns finally gets free and hits thrusts in the corner. Reigns with kicks. Harper ducks a big clothesline but Reigns dumps him over the top to the floor. Reigns runs around and nails the Drive By kick. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Harper is in control of Reigns after hitting a dropkick during the commercial. Harper with a Michinoku driver for a 2 count. Harper with a headlock now. Harper slams Reigns and runs over him with a huge big boot to the jaw for a 2 count. Harper does the Gator Roll on Reigns. Reigns finally makes a comeback but runs into an elbow in the corner. Harper then nails a knee to the face. Reigns slams him anyway. Harper ends up on the floor and Reigns hits a clothesline from the apron. They come in the ring and Harper connects with a kick. Reigns with a right hand. Harper counters but Reigns rolls him up for 2. Reigns knocks Harper back out of the ring.

They come back in and Reigns hits a clothesline for a 2 count. Reigns goes for the Samoan Drop but Harper beats him down with elbows to the head. Reigns powers up anyway and hits the Samoan Drop for a 2 count. Reigns ends up on the floor and Harper goes to dive out but Reigns meets him with a right hand. Reigns comes in but Harper catches him with a side slam for a 2 count. They trade counters and Harper nails a superkick. Harper with the sitdown powerbomb for another close 2 count. Reigns comes back with a Superman punch and a spear for the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

After the match, Ambrose walks by Wyatt and taunts him on his way into the ring to celebrate with Reigns. Reigns and Ambrose look down at Wyatt as we get replays. They leave and we come back to Wyatt in the ring checking on Harper. The lights go out as Wyatt poses over Harper and fans boo. Back to commercial.

SmackDown Results – August 13th, 2015
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Luke Harper w/Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns w/Dean Ambrose 

Reigns hit a couple of clotheslines early and sent Luke Harper to ringside with one of them Harper hit a sit out body slam for a near fall. Footage was shown of Harper gaining control through the break. Harper catapulted Reigns’ throat into the second rope and covered for a two count. He then grabbed a headlock and gator rolled around on Reigns. Harper missed a big boot in a corner and then went shoulder first into the opposite corner. Both men traded punches and then Reigns hit the ropes and hit a clothesline. He followed up with more punches and clotheslines, but ate a big dropkick coming off the ropes for a second time.

Reigns rolled outside to recover and when Harper gave chase he suplexed them onto the apron. He then hit a drive by. Ambrose and Wyatt started brawling on the outside when Wyatt attempted to interfere. Bray Wyatt dropped Ambrose into the barricade with a Uranage. In the ring, Reigns hit a Samoan drop and both men struggled to their feet. Reigns forced Harper into the ropes with knees and punches, but Harper hit a big boot when the ref pulled Reigns off. Reigns recovered and hit a superman punch, but Wyatt broke up the pin and the match was called off as a DQ. After the match, both teams brawled all over ringside. Reigns and Ambrose ended up tossing both Wyatt Family members over the barricade into the crowd.

Winner: Roman Reigns by DQ

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