A star defensive tackle at Georgia Tech, Roman Reigns wrecked offensive guards for both the Minnesota Vikings and the Jacksonville Jaguars before becoming a WWE Superstar. The hulking powerhouse brought his smash-mouth gridiron style to WWE’s developmental system, NXT, where he left a long line of tough opponents in crumpled heaps. But it was at the 2012 Survivor Series that Reigns made his greatest impact. In the heat of a Triple Threat Match between WWE Champion CM Punk, John Cena and Ryback, Reigns hit the ring alongside fellow WWE NXT competitors Dean Ambrose and Seth ... Read More
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It's very rare to find a guy who has all the tool for superstar success, but Roman Reignsis one of very few. Born into the Anoa'i family, Roman did everything he could to avoid the family calling, but he took the plunge and joined wwe in 2010. In a short space of time, Roman has made an impactalongside Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins in the Shield. Now he's flying solo & quickly becoming one of WWE's most popular stars.
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Roman Reigns, U.S. Champion Sheamus & Rob Van Dam def. Randy Orton & RybAxel

This time last year, Randy Orton was sitting pretty as The Authority’s new, personally anointed WWE Champion. Now, though, the former Face of WWE is covered in egg following two demoralizing losses in the span of 24 hours. Orton’s second defeat does have a slight cushion in that The Viper – teamed alongside RybAxel to battle Roman Reigns, Sheamus & Rob Van Dam – did not lose by his lonesome. But the fact that they lost at all still has to sting given the dominant stretch Orton’s squad put together.

Anchored by a mighty effort from Ryback, Orton & Co. held control for the majority of a match until Sheamus’ reversal of Orton’s hanging DDT turned the tide. The bout shifted into a Roman Reigns whomping of Curtis Axel, and interference by The Viper meant to neutralize The Big Dog inadvertently allowed RVD to tag in and pick up where Reigns left off, pouncing with the Five Star Frog Splash after a knock-down brawl among all six competitors.

Raw – Aug 8, 2014 from 2020 Network on Vimeo.

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Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton
Reigns with right hands to Orton sending him to the outside. Reigns follows Orton to the outside. Another right hand by Reigns. Back in the ring, shoulderblock to Orton. Elbows to the side of the head by Regns. The match spills to the outside once mroe with Reigns bouncing Orton’s head off the barricades. Irish whip by Orton sends Reigns into the ring steps. Reigns rolled back into the ring and a chinlock by Orton. Reigns to his feet driving right hands into Orton. Orton with The Garvin Stomp on Reigns. Orton misses with a kneedrop. Irish whip into the corner and Orton runs into a boot. Orton has Reigns on the top rope. Headbutt to Reigns. Orton goes to the top and hooks Reigns up for a superplex. Reigns with a submission hold on Orton, Orton breaks it but Reigns locks it in again. Side slam by Orton. Orton back to the chinlock, Reigns fights out of it. Samoan Drop to Orton by Reigns. Exchange of punches and kicks. Irish whip and a clothesline to Orton. right hand to Orton. Reigns exits the ring and the dropkick to the head. Oirton driven into the barricade. Orton turns things around sending Reigns into the barricades. Reigns sent into the ring post and rolled back into the ring. Orton and Reigns back to the outside. Back suplex to Reigns through the announce table and Reigns sent shoulder first into the ring steps. Reigns rolled back in. Reigns trying to turn things around. Orton’s heasd bounced off the turnbuckle. Reigns goes to the top rope and hooks Orton up going for a superplex but Orton counters with punches and a headbutt. Reigns pushed off the top rope. Reigns with a right hand. Reigns goes back to the top rope and picks Orton up delivering a Samoan Drop. Reigns sets up for the Superman Punch and connects laying Orton out. Reigns goes for The Spear but Orton counters with a powerslam but only gets a 2 count. Orton hooks Reigns up and connects with the draping DDT Orton misses with the first RKO but off the irish whip, Orton connects with the second RKO. Reigns counters the Punt by Orton and connects with The Spear for the three count

The winner of the match: Roman Reigns

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Miz comes out and says he can’t wait for Summerslam since it’s in Hollywood, his town, and he has done so much that he wants to mentor some younger Superstars. Miz welcomes Roman Reigns to Miz TV, and he talks about Reigns’ match with Randy Orton before asking him if he’s nervous. He keeps cutting Reigns off before he can answer anything, insulting him throughout it, then Reigns has enough of it and he knocks him out with a Superman punch. Miz flies out of the ring and Reigns says he’s got nice hair and a pretty smile, and he put Miz on his ass, then Miz teases reentering the ring before storming off. Reigns turns his attention to Orton, and he says he respects Orton’s championship accolades, so Orton should respect him when he beats him on Sunday.

Roman Reigns vs The Miz
Reigns and Miz trade shots before Reigns gets pissed and chases Miz, then Miz tries to stomp him but Reigns grabs his foot and throws him into the barricade. Reigns throws him back into it before rolling him inside, then Miz snaps his head on the ropes and heads up top. Reigns catches him with a forearm on the way down, then he stomps Miz in the corner until the ref pulls him away. Miz kicks him in the knees and goes for a clothesline, but Reigns blocks it before Miz slams his knee into the ringpost. Miz puts him in a Figure Four but Reigns kicks him back and hits a Samoan drop. Reigns clotheslines him and connects with a apron kick, then he calls for a Superman punch but Miz bails outside. Dolph Ziggler cuts Miz off on the ramp, so Miz turns around right into a Superman punch, and Reigns rolls him in and spears him for the win.

Winner – Roman Reigns

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