A star defensive tackle at Georgia Tech, Roman Reigns wrecked offensive guards for both the Minnesota Vikings and the Jacksonville Jaguars before becoming a WWE Superstar. The hulking powerhouse brought his smash-mouth gridiron style to WWE’s developmental system, NXT, where he left a long line of tough opponents in crumpled heaps. But it was at the 2012 Survivor Series that Reigns made his greatest impact. In the heat of a Triple Threat Match between WWE Champion CM Punk, John Cena and Ryback, Reigns hit the ring alongside fellow WWE NXT competitors Dean Ambrose and Seth ... Read More
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It's very rare to find a guy who has all the tool for superstar success, but Roman Reignsis one of very few. Born into the Anoa'i family, Roman did everything he could to avoid the family calling, but he took the plunge and joined wwe in 2010. In a short space of time, Roman has made an impactalongside Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins in the Shield. Now he's flying solo & quickly becoming one of WWE's most popular stars.
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View screen captures from the November 12th episode of SmackDown HERE:

Renee Young is standing by with Roman Reigns. She points out he’s in the quarterfinals of the tournament against Cesaro on RAW. How does he feel about that? He says chasing the WWE World title has been like climbing Mt. Everest for him. When you’re on top of this mountain, you’re facing 200 mph winds, snow, sleet, hail. It is a blizzard, and the higher you get, the footing is worse. The air is thinner. You can hardly breathe. Every time he climbs 100 feet, he gets knocked down 50. Every time he’s been on the summit, he looks up, and avalanche is coming. This Monday, that avalanche’s name is Cesaro. He’s going to try to swing Reigns a thousand times and uppercut his face off, but Reigns can’t let that stop him. It won’t stop him, and nothing else will either. Young points out on RAW that Triple H offered the WWE title to him, no questions asked, and we go to that clip on RAW (Reigns turned him down, as you might have guessed). Back to Reigns and Young, Reigns says Trips is trying to manipulate him. The only thing he got right is Reigns is not like Seth Rollins. He doesn’t take handouts and he’s not a sellout. At Survivor Series, he’s going to stand on top of the mountain as the sole survivor of this tournament. Watch the video below:

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With the launch in Spain of WWE 2k16 video game, taking advantage of its passage through Barcelona, ​​NEOX MORE WWE have been able to exclusively interview wrestler Roman Reigns. A very juicy interview in which Reigns had not missed a single issue: Rollins injury, his chance for the championship, Bray Wyatt and of course, his opinion about WWE 2k16.

Roman, we have to ask you about the news of the day, everyone asks. After the injury of Seth Rollins, what will happen at Survivor Series and if you expect to walk out as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion?
“Yes it’s hard, you know, was a couple of days ago. Everyone knows that Seth’s and will now be out for a while, but no matter what kind of competition or what your goal or what you try to achieve, you never want anyone to get hurt. We had our differences, many differences, but all the best, I wish you a speedy recovery and that he returns to where he belongs, which is in the ring with us, but at the same time, he will be out a long time and be able to charge the batteries and return even stronger. That said, my goal remains to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, from my point of view will be very hard, but I do not care when or where, I will divert all of my way. ”

We keep talking about Survivor Series. If you become a new world champion, are you afraid of Mr. Money in the Bank, Sheamus?
“I’ve had that deal already before. I had to do the same at Wrestlemania with Seth and I know what it is you remove that opportunity. I can guarantee that I did not return for that to happen again. I will not be in the middle of a fight and nobody is going to come running, I do not care who, I refuse. I let my guard down once, and I paid expensive and it’s something I learnt so I guarantee that Sheamus has nothing to do. Sheamus will not have a chance! ”

You were the winner of the last Royal Rumble, would you consider arriving to Wrestlemania with the title?
Absolutely. If he gets to give me a chance to win Royal Rumble as last year, would be great, but if I can win the title before and defend at Wrestlemania … that is the goal, me with the title, go ahead and defend against anyone anywhere, so called Mr. Money in the Bank, Sheamus or anyone. The ball will be in the middle of the pitch and everyone will have their eye on me, but I hope to get both before anyone else.

Let’s talk bout tonight against Bray Wyatt. A street fight match. What can the public expect tonight?
Destruction. Just as you’ve seen on TV. It’s crazy out there when we left. Bray Wyatt and I are two guys who did not each other. There’s something we do like and hit the other in the face and that’s what we do, we will leave, we will break things, to hurt us, it’ll be wild. If you miss it you’re going to regret.

What do you expect of the Spanish Roman Reigns audience?
I hope the WWE Universe make much noise, but much much noise. We stayed last night in Glasgow and the fans were great, but something tells me that tonight, the public in Barcelona will go up to the next level, I can not wait.

We can guarantee that in Spain we have one of the best and most noisy vans .We’ve been all over the world, including the United States and England, but the people here are different, is eager because it’s only once a year …
I hope so, I do not want anyone silent. We have come from far and want to make noise, the walls from cracking and canopy lights explode. I want it to be the best show you’ve ever seen, it comes to that. I have heard many stories about Barcelona, ​​the people, the city … there is much culture, so much energy I really want … well, the show starts in an hour already.

We must also talk about the game, WWE 2k16, this year it’s the largest roster of history, what do you think of the end product?
The product and its development is increasing every year and is getting better. I remember last year 2K15 and when compared with this year we have seen many technological advances and as you say, the roster is bigger, there are many more superstars you can play and if you’re lucky you can play with Terminator, You can make a whole combat Terminator, two different versions of the character. It’s amazing the level of detail they have achieved. I remember as a kid I played Mario Bros with Nintendo and now we feel that we are light years with all the advances of 2k16 which will take us to another level of gaming.

Finally, given the good relationship you have with Dean Ambrose, do you wish to return to The Shield together?
Absolutely. I would, well, things now with the injury of Seth are as they are, he has to recover and come back strong, but I think everyone had a great time. Now everyone is happy with our separate ways, our own stories, struggles for the titles … all came down with the stab in the back and we could not keep doing what we did, but I really think that in the future The Shield could back, although not in the short term, if that’s what you want.

Thank you very much for everything, it was a pleasure to meet you and see you at Wrestlemania 32!

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Roman’s fourth show for WWE’s November 2015 European tour was in Liverpool, England where he took on Bray Wyatt in a street fight. Reigns defeated Bray.

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Roman’s third show for WWE’s November 2015 European tour was in Madrid, Spain where he took on Bray Wyatt in a street fight. Reigns defeated Bray.

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Roman serves 20 minutes to talk to Spanish interviewer Mara Marino and talks about his preparation, his private life and what motivates him. He confesses that his biggest idol is his mother, who has always been his hero and he wholeheartedly hopes that Seth Rollins recovers from his injury.

What do football and wrestling have in common?

Touching and how aggressive they are both. The main difference is that while there is only football competition, wrestling is a mix of competition and performance and you have to be mentally tough and physically to do both but the dynamics of a sport to another, is different. Wrestling is very important and the murderer instinct is something I’ve developed in football.

What discipline requires greater dedication?

If you want to be the best at whatever you do in life it requires dedication is 100%. I do not think one requires more effort than the other. If you want to be really good at what you do you have to focus on it. No difference in the WWE.

What would you say has been the biggest perk that has brought wrestling?

All my experience at WrestleMania, being in this position with its opportunities and responsibilities. I enjoyed every minute. They have been a couple of hard weeks of preparation, but the rewards are worth it. Just I am thinking about being up there, feeling people screaming, sharing the ring with a guy like Brock Lesnar and living in the moment.

How do you juggle your personal life with work?

It’s hard because they are not very compatible. My job is 24/7 and can not leave because I can not stop being Roman Reigns. When I go home or I’m with my family, I want to focus on them and enjoy the moment. But when I go out to dinner somewhere, I’m recognized and people want to take a picture, there are many things you have to consider. That’s the hardest part with not being at home all the time I’d like. So when I’m trying to make the most of every second.

How much work behind the struggle do we see in the show?

Dieting and workouts are part of the construction of our body. It’s another type of dedication because this is a performance it’s aesthetic, you must be physically fit. Part of the lights and shadows of wrestling. It is not easy because it involves your work schedules being a bit crazy but to get what you want, everything I feel passion for will require sacrifices. I would be at home as long as I could, but it’s a sacrifice I have to do, I can not earn money sitting on the couch. Hitting the road and going on tour in cities is going to build the future for my family.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest idol is my mother. She has always been my hero. She has dealt with everything and has brought up her children. She was a single parent for a long time. I can assure you, no doubt, that I learned how to be a good man to see a strong woman.

What are the stories behind your tattoos?

It’s a family story. All my relatives have them. Among many cousins ​​who are in the business is our way of recognizing our bloodline. It is something we are proud to show the world and where we come from speaking, which is a blessing for us.

What goes through your head when you are against your rival?

I want to smash his face.

On your Twitter account several boys dressed you this Halloween. How does it feel to generate such admiration?

For me to have an impact, creating a personality, something that people can lean and inspire to be, it is the best the WWE Superstars can do for anyone: to become a role model.

Shirts, necklaces, gloves, toys and now a video game … How is having your face in so many places?

Never in a million years imagined I’d have my own shirt, toys with my name or would be in video games. I was a football player in college and thought that was the coolest thing in the world. I is not going through my head that there could be nothing better. It makes me feel very lucky.

What has led to the injury of Seth Rollins? Would you say that in your favor? It is a disadvantage. I do not care which side are the throats of each. The last thing you want is to see anyone hurt. It is true that in the competition we attacked and we hurt, but never want your competitor injured. Rollins is a very tough opponent, I just hope that the story is restored before his knees heal and he moves his ass back to the ring , because we need him.

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